Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are a delicious way of eating protein and vegetables, but sometimes, this recipe involves unnecessary amounts of sodium and mystery-like meat. I opted to make shrimp lettuce wraps for my first time, and they were delicious! Rather than buy store-bought, pre-mixed … [Read more...]

Pad See Ew

I love cooking noodle dishes! Pad See Ew is a classic Thai noodle dish that is sweet and salty. Most Pad See Ew dishes include broccoli, egg and a protein of choice. As for the noodles, depending on what you find at your local grocery store, there are different varieties of … [Read more...]

Banana Pudding

There’s always room for dessert… Especially if it’s homemade banana pudding! If you’re familiar with the famous Magnolia Bakery, you’re aware they have the most amazing banana pudding that they serve in the most simple paper cartons. With some help from my sister, who I … [Read more...]