October is Vegetarianism Awareness Month

October, the official start of fall trends, including the abundance of pumpkin spiced goodies and other fall favorites. But, you may not know that October is also Vegetarianism Awareness Month.


While I am not a vegetarian, I first want to disclose that I regularly consume animal protein on an every day basis.

There are many levels of vegetarianism that people adopt as part of their diets and lifestyles. Some are semi-vegetarians (diets that consist largely of vegetarian foods), vegetarians (diets that do not include meat, fish and poultry), ovo-vegetarians (diets that include eggs but no other dairy products), ovo-lacto-vegetarians (diets that include eggs and dairy products), and it goes on an on…

Me on the other hand, I would consider myself a carnivore-semi-vegetarian. And yes, I just made up that term, but it is fairly accurate. There are days where my diet includes animal protein, and then there are days where I like to dedicate them to being “meatless.”

Vegetarians adopt these diets for many reasons: health reasons, those against consuming animal proteins, and some who just like to eat clean and green. Exploring new recipes that contain vegetarian ingredients and plant-based proteins are on the top of my list. If I can make a meatless burger, or great healthy vegetarian dishes, I am all for it!

I am dedicating this post to being inspired by vegetarian type ingredients and recipes, and sharing them with you. As Vegetarianism Awareness Month goes on, I will share recipes of my own, along with new products and exciting collaborations with some delicious and healthy ingredients. Stay tuned!