Detox: From the Skin to Within

From diets to cleanses, there are a variety of detoxes. The detox I am sharing is more of a lifestyle, meaning swapping out some fruits and vegetables for others, and just incorporating certain every day products and foods into my lifestyle.

Some may be like me, who get easily bloated if they eat too many gassy vegetables, or fruits with high levels of sorbitol. I guess you can say there are a couple of factors leading me to living a less toxic life this week and following a detox lifestyle… It’s my wedding shower this weekend!

The tips I will share range from skin products and what you can do during your every day life from when you wake up to when you snooze.

Beauty originates from within, so why not treat it well to feel beautiful on the outside?

Skin Detox Regimen:

  1. Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Treatment: It’s never too early to begin an anti-aging regimen, especially when it comes to your eyes. This cream is a breath of fresh air to the eyes given it brightens the eye area and provides nourishment. And the best part, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents fine lines and crows feet. Sign me up!

Eye Cream

  1. Murad Clarifying Mask: I love face masks, and this one I like to do twice a week before bed after I have washed my face. The secret ingredient is sulfur, which has been proven to calm the skin and prevent breakouts. The treatment helps absorb pore clogging dirt and leaves your face feeling soft and purified.

  1. Clarisonic Mia: This beauty device is a one-minute, one-speed wonder for beautiful and exfoliated skin. After sixty seconds, your face will feel cleansed and brilliant. Just use some face wash when exfoliating. This product cleans your pores and prevents blackheads from surfacing.


  1. Sugar Lip Treatment w/SPF: This hidden treasure, I found with a girlfriend at Sephora when we were in search of a quenching lip balm. It’s a bit decadent if you’re in the market for an inexpensive option, but it leaves your lips soft and plump. Plus, it smells and tastes great too!

Lip Sugar

  1. Evian Mineral Water Spray: Trust me when I say this, this product is addicting! You can buy it in mini bottles and it is perfect to pop into your makeup bag on the go and even spray your face at your office desk (like I do). I honestly use this five times a day! It instantly soothes and hydrates your skin, and even better, it can be used to set your face makeup after applying. Please trust me, and buy this!

Stay tuned for more detox lifestyle tips coming from the kitchen!