My baby is a Yobaby!

Yum, yum – give me more! That was my baby’s reaction when I first gave him Yobaby Vanilla yogurt by Stonyfield. No, he can’t talk [yet] but he kept on opening up for more yogurt when we first introduced him to the food.

Seeing him enjoy the yogurt was a treat for my eyes. It is so reassuring to know that your baby is eating well, and enjoying some of the healthiest foods, this being yogurt.

Stonyfield┬áhas a ton of organic options, but their special Yobaby line is one of our newfound favorites. Yogurt is great for babies and kids – it’s packed with nutrients and probiotics that they need, helping them grow into stronger versions of themselves.

My baby enjoys the vanilla yogurt, and I pair it with a fruit each time – berries, peaches, pears – whatever your little one likes to eat.

From smoothies on the go, to cheese, Stonyfield will certainly be making repeat appearances in our refrigerator for our little one. Plus, adults can enjoy their products too!